The Art Room

Elementary Art Room (view 1)

Elementary Art Room (view 2)

Middle School Art Room

I teach K-6 art in a rural community. I see K-4 grade students once a day in a 6 day week rotation for 50 minutes. Students in grades 5-6 have art every other day for a trimester. We are a AGR school so our classes sizes are limited at 18 students per room grades K-3. This means, I teach multiple sections of the same grade level during the week. I see and get to know roughly 550 young artists per week. There are many perks to this, the main one being I get to know each student in the school. It can be a little crazy at times trying to display artwork and juggling storage for projects, but I somehow magically manage.

I consider myself a Discipline Based Art Educator. I try to incorporate a lot of art history to my lessons. I find that students at this age love hearing a story that relates to the project they are working on. When I hear students talk about artists they learned about to their family members, or they remember something about an artist we talked about the year before...hands down...that's the best part of my job.

I am one of the lucky ones. Not everyday is easy or perfect, but I love everyday I share with my students. I have the best job in the world.

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