Art Room Bulletin Board Ideas

I currently only have three bulletin boards to worry about at my school.  I am sad to say, however, between all the cutting, pasting, curriculum writing, teaching, drips of paint, communicating with parents, squishing of clay, project drying, and overall art making my bulletin boards are one of my more stressful tasks. 

It seems they are always on the bottom of my to do list and when I do find the time, I often struggle with what I want to display.  I wonder how many of you feel the same?

I am hoping this page will eventually become a go to page for my fellow art teachers that are in need of an idea.  Most of my bulletin boards are inspired by others that I have seen elsewhere. I hope that some of you may come across a few that are new to you or at least inspire you to put your own twist on things.  Happy Bulletin Board Making!

This Keith Haring inspired design ties in with our school theme.

A Blue Dog Word Wall to display all the wonderful art vocabulary we will be hearing and learning about this year.

I created this board knowing that I will be receiving lots of at home made drawings.  I thought this might be a great place to display all that extra practice.

Elements of Art

Color Theory

Georgia O'Keeffe Flower Quilt

Famous Artist Around the World that we study throughout the school year.

Keith Haring Showcase Display
Haring 3-D Action Figures and Moving with Haring

Prehistoric Art Display and Fall Autumn Display Combined
Top shelf:  Prehistoric Rock Paintings and Cave Art Drawings
Bottom Shelf:  Autumn Tree Drawings and Ceramic Leaf Sculptures

My goal for this bulletin board this year is to update it every month with dates of birthdays of famous artists.
Saw a board similar to this on Pintrest, but had to put my own spin on it.  Match the Artist to the Snowman.  The artists I used were Piet Mondrian, Keith Haring, Edvard Munch, and Pablo Picasso.

I used this bulletin board at parent teacher conference time.  It has a mini summary next to each set of hands listing the projects completed for the quarter so far and what upcoming projects to expect next.

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  1. Cool ideas! I only have tack strips to work with so I don't get as fancy but I have tried hanging large paper on the tack strips and "making" my own bulletins in a way.