Thursday, April 6, 2017

Keith Haring Clay Tiles

First Grade
3 Class Periods
Keith Haring Clay Tiles, First Grade Art Lesson

About The Artist:
Artist Keith Haring.

Keith Haring was born May 4, 1958.  He is considered a Pop Artist or Graffiti Artist.  Keith drew as a child and was inspired by his father's cartoon drawings.  By the age of 19, Haring had his first public art show.  Keith's artwork is know for it's bold outlines, dynamic color and cartoon style.  Fame and fortune came early in Keith's career.  In 1988 he was diagnosed with AIDS.  He spent the rest of his career raising awareness for the disease through his artwork.  He lost his battle with the disease in 1990.  He was only 32 years old.
Radiant Baby by Keith Haring.

Day 1:
Students were each handed a 5x5 inch slab of clay pre-cut into a square shape.  (If time allows or if you plan on doing this with older students you could have them roll out the slab and cut it out themselves.  Due to the length of my class period and the age level, I thought it best to have these ready for the students when they came in.  Students used a needle tool to write their name and class code on the back.

Students were then given a small amount of clay which they rolled into a small ball.  They gently flattened it with their thumb to create the head.  Students were given a demonstration on how to slip and score the head piece to the square slab.

Next students were given a rectangle shape.  Students spliced the rectangle from the center down to form two legs.  This was then attached to the square slab under the head through slip and score technique.
Slip and scoring body and legs on to slab.

The arms were created next.  A small rectangle piece of clay was handed out to each student.  Students were shown how to cut the piece in half and and attach it to form two arms.
Attaching arms.

As a finishing step on this day, students used clay tools to incorporate designs and patterns around the figure.  Two holes were poked through the top for the hanger, that will would be built on day 3.
Adding designs around figure.

Day 2:

Glazing tips and guidelines were provided to the students.  They spent the class period glazing their clay tiles.  The only rule was the figure had to be glazed in one color only to represent the style of Keith Haring's figure paintings.

Day 3:
Students were shown how to twist one end of a  pipe cleaner through one of the holes in their clay tile.  Beads were strung on the pipe cleaner and the remaining end of the pipe cleaner was pulled through the second hole and twisted to stay in place.
Beading the pipe cleaner.

Student Examples:

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