Monday, March 20, 2017

Youth Art Month 2017

This is my 8th year organizing and planning our Youth Art Month Exhibit for my school and the schools in the nearby area.  When I first started this little idea I only had two schools participate (one of the schools being the one I worked at currently and the other being the school I work at previously).  Each year the exhibit gets a bigger and bigger.  This year we had two more school districts join us for the very first time.  It makes my heart sing to see how successful this little exhibit has become.

This little exhibit allows us to share the creative talent and hard work we as art educators put forth in our teaching as well as allowing a special place for our students to shine.  It makes me so proud to be an art teacher!

A special thank you to WITC-Rice Lake for hosting this wonderful event and a huge thank you to the art educators in the following districts who participated in the exhibit this year.  Thank you!

Barron School District, Birchwood School District, Cameron School District, Chetek-Weyerhaeuser School District, Cumberland School District, Rice Lake School District and Spooner School District

One happy art teacher!
A few photos from Youth Art Month 2017!

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