Saturday, November 12, 2016

Little Owl

2 Class Periods
Little Owl, Kindergarten Art Lesson

Day 1
  • As a class we examined photographs of owl and read a non-fiction fact book on owls from our school library.
  • Using follow along demonstration students created an owl drawing.  Shapes were identified and reviewed as they were drawn on the paper.
Day 2
  • Students used oil pastels to color in their owls.  We discussed the color of the feathers and eyes and beak.
Coloring with oil pastels

  • After coloring was completed, a black oil pastel was used to outline the owl.
  • Students used black tempera paint to paint over the composition.  The oil pastels repelled the water leaving the resist.

Painting the owl.

Student Examples:

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  1. The owls seem to be thinking about the snow storm that'sa coming. Nice art and good imaginations.