Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bear Math

 Today I had such a hard working kindergarten class they finished the work I had planned for them 15 minutes ahead of schedule!  I debated quickly in my mind if I should move forward with the lesson, knowing that I might need a filler for the next day they have art or if I should just try to come up with a quick activity to fill the time during this class period.  For whatever reason, the idea of creating a bar graph popped into my head.

To my delight, it worked out well, it engaged the students and YES...I incorporated some math (which, I must say to our defense we do all the time...but this was just a much more obvious demonstration).

This activity worked out so well, I am planning on incorporating into the other 4 sections I teach at this level.

Sometimes, I must say, I surprise myself on my quick thinking in the classroom.  Three cheers for spontaneous lessons that actually work out well!

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