Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer Wrap UP

How can it already be time for another school year?  I think the older I get the faster my summer seems to go by.  With that all being said, it has been a pretty incredible summer.  Here is a quick highlight.

1. I went parasailing for the first time in my life.

I did this adventure with my mom.

It was a blast!

2. As a family we took a vacation to Washington state and then traveled to Glacier Park.  The scenery was beyond breathtaking.
One of the many beautiful landscapes I was able to photograph on our vacation.

3. I did a lot of running and ran a few races.

My running buddy Marie and I.

4.  We had many days hanging out with family and friends.
Hanging out with my Family.  Love summer days filled with fun and laughter.

5.  We got a puppy.
Meet Boomer!  He is an Irish Wolfhound.

Now it is time for me to get back to work.  I have done some set up in my Middle School classroom.

Opening up new supplies.

And setting up bulletin boards.  I tweaked this idea from the one I found on Pinterest. 

My new classroom at the Elementary School is coming along, but I am still waiting for all the things I packed at the end of the year to be brought over to the new school.  I was able to unpack and do an inventory of the new supplies I ordered. It is still hard to believe that I will have a brand new classroom this year.  So exciting!
My mom helping me put paint in my new cabinets.

Tomorrow is my first official day back at school (inservice days) and as usual, there will be a ton to do before our students come in on September 1st.  Looking forward to seeing all the children and hearing about their own summer adventures.