Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer School Bugs

Grades 1-4
Two Class Periods
Summer School Lesson

Grades 1-4, Summer Bugs
Day 1:
The first day of this lesson, students spent examining numerous photographs of insects.  To fit for the time period of this summer school lesson, I provided students with a drawing bug idea worksheet. Students could pick one of the bugs off of the worksheet to draw, use the photographs provided to help them draw, or rely on their imagination to draw their insect.
Drawing the bug with pencil.

After the bugs were drawn with pencil, students used black glue to outline their buggy creations.
Outlining bug with black glue.
Day 2:
Students used chalk pastels to color their bugs.  Some tips and techniques were discussed for chalk pastels in the beginning of class.
Coloring composition with chalk pastel.

The last few minutes of class, we went outside and sprayed our pieces with fixative spray.

Student Examples:

Group Photos:

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