Monday, July 6, 2015

Been very busy wrapping up the school year, packing up my classroom and teaching a couple of days of summer school.  Before I knew it, we were hitting the road on our family summer vacation to Washington state.

Now that we are back, I have realized that it is time to do some catch up on blog posting.  The first things that I want to catch up on our my running adventures.

On May 30th I participated in a 10K at my school.  It was a brisk morning, but once the race began I warmed up quite a bit.
Haley's Comet Run with my cousin, friend and her daughter.
After this race, I decided to have a more spontaneous racing summer.  So I made a plan with myself, that I would not sign up for a race this summer until a couple weeks before the event.  My overall goal is to keep the summer a little more free calendar wise and take off a little racing pressure.  Now when I run, I just run for me.  No worries on the time or number of miles.  Just run for as long as like and as fast as I want.  Which honestly is my personal favorite.

The second race, I just completed this summer took place July 3, 2015.  It was called the Fishy Four. I didn't sign up for it until the night before the race!  This 4 mile race was pretty hilly, but had a beautiful view of the lake in Chetek, WI.  I ran this race in one of my more impressive times for a 4 mile race.  Not bad, considering I am not doing any training for time in my every day running.  I completed it 36:07.  My running buddy was close on my heels with a 36:11.
My friend Marie and I at the Fishy Four race in Chetek, WI.
I have hit summer vacation running and am loving every minute of it!

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