Thursday, April 2, 2015

Autism Awareness Month

Autism is a condition that is detected in early childhood. It is characterized by difficulty in communicating and in forming relationships with others. Using language and understanding abstract concepts can also be very difficult.
Autism is a spectrum disorder (ASD). This means that Autism may look very different for each person diagnosed with it.
Our son Jayce was officially diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3 1/2. Due to us being proactive parents and a wonderful program called WEAP (Wisconsin Early Autism Project) we have seen Jayce grow and overcome some pretty major hurdles.
There is no cure for Autism. We have no idea what the future hold for our little man. We take each day as it comes and embrace the joy he brings to our life through his amazing accomplishments.
Here are 10 interesting facts about our son that we would like to share with you.
1. Jayce is affectionate. Not all children on the spectrum are, but we are blessed with a child who want to be snuggled, hugged and kissed.

2. Jayce loves gadgets. We often feel he understands computers and iPads better than people.

3. Jayce likes routine. He embraces picture schedules and needs notice for unexpected changes that may take place in his day.

4. When talking with Jayce, conversations and directions need to be clear and to the point. Anything stated to him over three sentences will be hard for him to comprehend.

5. Jayce loves to interact with people, he is just uncertain on how to do it. He loves to wrestle with Daddy, to chase his sister and cousins in games of tag and draw with sidewalk chalk with Mommy. He just has trouble initiating these activities and sometimes staying in-tuned to them for a duration of time.

6. Jayce does have some sensory issues related to sound and texture. Jayce, also has a strong gag reflex that makes eating with him an adventure.

7. Jayce is blunt and honest. As he learns new things in this world, it is often hard for him to understand what is socially acceptable and unacceptable to say. Jayce does not experience embarrassment.

8. Jayce is a sensitive little guy. He will cry when his feelings are hurt or become frustrated with things he cannot understand. He has come a long way in being able to communicate his feelings to us.

9. Jayce is very smart. He is an excellent reader for his age. What is most impressive is his ability for creative and detailed story telling. Who knows? Maybe one day he might become an author!

10. Jayce has a smile and laugh that is contagious. We might not always know what he is thinking when we see that smile or hear that laugh, but it sure brings us joy seeing him so happy!
Light it up BLUE! Autism Awareness Day is April 2nd!

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  1. I have on my blue today! Thank you for sharing such touching facts about your son! He sounds like the most fantastic little guy :)