Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weaving Bots

First Grade
3 Class Periods

Weaving Bots, First Grade Art Lesson
Day 1:
Students are introduced to the concept of weaving.  We discuss what a weaving is and create a list of things that we have seen that have been woven.  We look at several weaving examples that I have within the classroom.

We also discuss looms and what a loom can be made from.  After we look at several examples that I have in the classroom, together as a class we begin to construct our own loom made out of paper.

After our loom is created, students are then shown how weave the weft through their warp threads (paper strips cut within the loom).  The paper strips that we use for the weft are in warm or cool colors.  Students must make a choice to if they will be weaving in a warm or cool scheme.

For many students this is their first time weaving, so we spend a little time demonstrating the over-under process of weaving.

Once the weavings are complete, I have students glue their strips down so the weaving will not fall apart.
Students weaving on their paper looms.
Day 2:
I have students trim the edges of their weaving.  We then begin a follow along construction of a robot.  On this day we tackle the body, neck, head, arms, and legs.  We glue our robot onto a large piece of white paper.

Day 3:
We use day three to create the eyes, mouth, talking screen (white rectangle placed on the belly) and the hands and feet.  This usually takes about half of the class period.  We use the remaining class period to draw images or write words on the talking screen of the the robot.  Students are also allowed to add various pieces of shiny paper to their robot as they see fit.
Students adding details to their weaving bots.
Bolts are drawn with a sharpie marker to show how the robot is assembled.

Examples of Student Work:

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