Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Zentangle Inspired Landscapes

Second Grade Lesson
3 Class Periods
Zentangle Landscape, Second Grade Art Lesson
Zentangle: an abstract drawing that uses repetitive patterns.  The idea of a zentangle is to concentrate on the process and fun of line making rather than the overall outcome of the design.

Day 1
Each student selected a 9 x 12 inch piece of construction paper.  Students were shown how to create a border for their composition.  Parts of a landscape were reviewed (foreground, middle ground, background, horizon line), ideas were brainstormed together on types of landscapes that could be created.

Students drew landscapes lightly with pencil and then outlined with a sharpie marker.  Students were instructed to keep ideas simple.

Day 2
On this day students were introduced to zentangles.  A sample zentangle handout was provided for the students as well as demonstration on how to create several different types of zentangles.  

Using a pencil, students set about placing zentangle design within the landscape.  Finished designs were outlined with a sharpie marker.

Day 3
Students finished up any areas that they felt needed more zentangle designs.  Colored pencils were then incorporated in the finishing touches for the composition.

Student Examples

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