Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Document Camera and Demo Mirrors

I am quite lucky to have both a documentation camera and a demonstration mirror in my work environments. 
The document camera actually belongs to our school library.  Lucky for us (I share my middle school room with another art teacher) the documentation camera is rarely checked out so we get to keep it in our room all year long.  I cannot imagine not having this tool in our classroom.  It makes demonstrating to 25 plus students so much easier!
Here is an example of me using a document camera with my middle school students.

At the elementary school, I have a demonstration mirror.  When students come to my room there is a carpet area for them to sit at.  I then sit at the desk and demonstrate to them the steps for the day.  This snazzy tool has been quite helpful for me and the students think it pretty cool to be able to come to the mirror and demonstrate something to the class.  The only set back is that it is a reflection, so you have to be careful if you trying to have students do something specifically on the right or left side of their composition.

What are the cool ways you do demonstration in your classroom?  
Demonstration Mirror

Students sittting on carpet area viewing the demonstration through the mirror.

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