Monday, January 19, 2015

The Cradle's New Spin

Here is a new spin on a lesson that I do every year with my first grade students.  To see the details about the lesson and see previous student work from the year before follow this link: Gustav Klimt's The Cradle

Side by side comparison of last year and this year projects.

This year, instead of creating a baby face near the top of the blanket, we instead added a photograph of ourself.  I think the results turned out pretty cute, but honestly I feel I love my original plan better. Sometimes lessons work out like that.  Good to know though, that there are options to spice up a lesson if you get bored with it.  What are your thoughts?  What lesson outcome do you prefer?

Check out below to see more examples from students this year or check out the above link to see more examples from last year.

Student Examples:

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