Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy Rocks

I have tried many reward systems for my students.  Everything from stickers to a bin of small trinkets that students can choose from.  This little idea has been by far my favorite and it is quite surprising how much the students love these happy little stones.

I usually make these little rocks when a class is finishing up a clay project.  I use the scraps of clay that have been squished and smooshed so much that they pretty much could not create another project unless they were re softened in a slip bucket.  I roll these little clay scraps into small little spheres.  With one gentle smoosh of my thumb they are flatten and with a stick a smiley face is drawn upon the piece.
Making the stones.

Fire (with the projects that students just completed), glaze (or paint), add to a little box and PRESTO!  You have an awesome trinket that the student want to earn.
Example of ticket found in journal.

Students can earn Happy Rocks in my classroom by helping someone, doing additional clean up, modeling positive behavior or creating five drawings in their sketchbooks.  Once students complete five drawings they receive a ticket in their journal.  They can cash in their ticket at the end of the class during dismissal time.
One thing is for sure....students look quite forward to earning these little rocks that hardly take any time to make.


  1. This is a really **WONDERFUL** idea! Pinning!

  2. Brilliant! I hope you don't mind but I'm going to reference you in my blog! Thank you!