Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter Value Landscapes

Fourth Grade Art Lesson
3 Class Periods

Students identified and reviewed the four parts of a landscape:  background, middle ground, foreground and horizon line.  Together we reviewed how to create a tint (white + color) and a shade (color + black).

Students were given three color choices for this project: blue, green and black.  Upon choosing their color students were instructed through follow along demonstration on to mix the tint, create the horizon line, paint a tree and add branches to their trees.

Day 2: 
On the second day of instruction students created another tint with the same color.  This tint needed to be slightly darker than the first color mixed during the last art class.  Students once again, created a horizon line, tree trunks and branches. 

The third color mixed was a shade of their original color.  If students chose black as their main color, they did not have to mix a shade, they used black by itself.  Once again the process of creating a horizon line, tree trunks and branches were repeated.  Each time we discussed proper brush size, how to hold on to the brush for the best control and the amount of pressure to apply to the brush while painting.

Day 3:
The last step for this lesson required students to draw a little red cardinal on one of the branches of the trees.  We discussed emphasis and how our eye would be drawn to the pop of red in the composition.  The final touch was a sprinkling of snow created by using a dry brush and liquid tempera paint.

Examples of Student Work:

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