Friday, October 3, 2014


This week I set some time aside from our regular art projects to help celebrate our school theme ONLY ONE YOU.

Our theme is based off the book by Linda Kranz entitled Only One You.  After viewing the beautiful pages in her book, I thought it would be fun to have my students design their own special rock to remind them how unique they are.

I spent a week making little clay "cookies" to use as our rocks for painting.  The clay gave the students a flatter surface to draw and paint on vs. a real rock, which would have been just as neat, but would have been a lot of extra weight for me to bring into the school. Four hundered plus rocks.  For me,clay was the better choice. I'm a runner after all, not a weight lifter.  :)

Students viewed pictures from the book as well as other examples that I had prepared.  A pencil was used to plan the design, a sharpie marker outlined it and tempera was used to paint.  Tempera paint cakes are great for painting on the clay.  It dries super fast!  We used an acrylic sealer to make sure the paint would not rub off.  As a last touch, students were allowed to add a wiggly eye if they wanted one.

It was a pretty fun week!

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