Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mouse Paint (Version 2)

Kindergarten Art
2 Class Periods

* If you were to search my blog you would find that there is already a kindergarten lesson entitled Mouse Paint that I do with my students. This lesson has a new twist on an old idea thanks to a photograph that I came across on Pinterest inspired by the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. You can find details to the first lesson here: Mouse Paint

Mouse Paint, Kindergarten Art Lesson

What are the three most important colors in the art room?  Ask any kindergarten student and they should be able to tell you RED, YELLOW and BLUE.  Students learned that these three very important colors are called primary colors and that when mixed, create all the other colors that we know and love so much on the color wheel.

Day 1:

To introduce the idea of color mixing students listened to the story White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker. 

Students were then instructed on “Mrs. Allen’s Rules for Painting in the Art Room.” This discussion showed students the proper way to clean their brush between colors, how to clean their palette and how to use the drying rack.  Students then set about painting their masterpieces using only the primary colors.  They were allowed to paint their compositions however they liked.

Day 2:

On the second day we reviewed the primary colors and read the story Mouse Paint
by Ellen Stoll Walsh. 

After a brief demonstration on how to use a glue stick correctly in the art room, students created three mice for their compositions inspired by the story read in class.

Students were given three white rectangle pieces.  They were instructed to tear the corner off to create a more round shape and a fuzzy look for their mice. 

Students glued the "mice" to their paintings from the day before.  A black sharpie marker was used to draw a nose, eyes, ears, whiskers and fur for each mouse. 

A pink oil pastel was used to color in the ears and draw tails for each mouse. 
(On the Pinterest example I found, it looked like the ears and tails were created with construction paper.  Since this was my first lesson with my kindergarteners this year and I had yet to assess their cutting skills and understanding of shapes, we went the route of coloring.)

Student Examples:

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