Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Stamped Cats

Adaptive Art
2 Day Lesson

Adaptive Art, Stamped Cat

Day 1:  Using liquid tempera, have students stamp patterns onto various pieces of colored construction paper.  Discuss patterns, color, and designs as they work.

Adaptations:  Having the stamp glued to a slightly larger wooden block with a handle attached, can make finger grasping easier.

Day 2:  I had all the pieces pre-cut to the sizes we needed for this project.  Have students glue pieces together to form the cat.  Discuss the shapes they are gluing and how they come together to create a new form.

Adaptations:  Using a paint/foam brush, students can more easily place glue on paper pieces.  Spring loaded scissors can also aide in cutting if you have students capable of cutting their own pieces for this project.

Student Examples:

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