Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fish Bubbles

Adaptive Art
2 Day Lesson

Adaptive Art, Fish Bubbles

Day 1:  Have students color paper plates with oil pastels in colors of orange, yellow, red and white.  Using tempera paint have stuents paint the paper plate.  Discuss with students how the oil pastel creates a resist with the paint.

Adaptations:  Using an oil pastel that is larger in size will help with grasp (Crayola make a chubbier brand).  Placing a small piece of rolled masking tape under the paper plate will help it stay in one spot as the student paints the piece.

Day 2:  I had the triangle pre-cut fromt he paper plate before the students arrived.  Have students follow along in a step by step demonstration on how to create the fish composition.  Sand was sprinkled on the bottom of the piece and bubbles were created with liquid tempera paint.  Discuss overlapping, texture, and collage with the students as they work.

Adaptations:  Using a paint/foam brush, students can more easily place glue on paper pieces.  Placing sand in an old mustard container allows sand to flow easily onto paper.  Spring loaded scissors can also aide in cutting if you have students capable of cutting their own pieces for this project.

Student Examples:

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