Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Clay Pendants

Adaptive Art
3 Class Periods
Adaptive Art, Clay Pendants

Day 1:  Students were given time to experiment with the clay.  Pushing into the clay with their fingers and squeezing the clay with their hands were encouraged.  Different items were placed on the table to create textrues within the clay.  Students were shown how to press and create textures into the clay.

Adaptations:  Stencils were used to trace for final shape of the pendant. Using items that are chunkie are easier for students to grip (think large legos vs. small sizes).

Day 2:  Students glazed each pendant piece.

Adaptations:  Color selections were limited.  Sponges could be used versus brushes.  I placed masking tape on the back of the pendant and placed it onto a styrofoam tray.  We didn't have to worry about glaze getting on the back of the pendant or the piece falling off the table and breaking thanks to the tape.

Day 3:  Beads were placed on string and attached to the pendant.

Adaptations:  I placed tape on the edge of the string to prevent it from fraying as they placed beads on it.  I also had pendant attached already to the string before students came to the classroom to work.  I discovered placing a small tray of beads in front of each student helped with reaching and spilling of beads from the center of the table.  Using beads with larger openings is also, very helpful.

Student Examples:


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