Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Birthday Party Fun!

Sometimes, I ask myself, do my own children realize how lucky they are to have a mommy that is an art teacher?  Both of my children have birthdays in July. My son has turned 7 and my daughter 9 this year. Thanks to my excellent teacher planning skills their birthdays are only 5 days apart.  Due to this unforeseen madness of having close birthdays, we usually celebrate their birthdays together on one special party day.  This year, they both agreed on a Minion party theme. 

I started to search Pintrest and found some really cool ideas that caused lift off for my own ideas.  Seriously?  How did we ever do anything creative without Pintrest?  lol.

It all begins here with me wondering if my children know how lucky they are.

Then boom!  Add a few balloons and some happy children faces and you have a great party photo opportunity for all your guest.

During the actual birthday party, we had a craft activity for our guests.  Maybe this is a touch strange, but hey!  I'm an art teacher.  The guests loved it and it gave them a small party favor to take home, too!

Examples of our Minion puppets made during the party.

I also made these two posters for my children to hang as decoration for the party.
The great thing about this one, is that my daughter helped me paint it!

My son loves Batman and Robin.  This is our Minion twist on these characters.


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