Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Art Journal Ideas

The most famous sketchbook artist of all time is Leonardo da Vinci.  Leonardo da Vinci was born April 15, 1452.  If he was alive today he would be over 562 years old!  Leonardo's books were filled with drawings and diagrams of things he saw and ideas he came up with.  He wrote notes about his drawings. These notes were written in such a way that the only way one could read them was to use a mirror.  Leonardo kept his ideas well guarded.

Another famous sketchbook artist is Pablo Picasso.  Picasso was born October 25, 1881.  He made more art during his life time than any other artist to this date.  Picasso created over 178 sketchbooks while he was alive.

Many artist draw in sketchbooks.  To be a really good artist you should carry your sketchbook with you everywhere you go!  You never know when you will get a good idea or find something inspiring to draw. 

To get you started here are 40 Sketchbook Ideas to try out this summer.

1. Draw a monster with a moustache.
2.  Draw a picture of a family member.
3.  Draw your favorite food.
4.  Paint a landscape.
5.  Create a picture of how you feel.

6.  Look at your favorite toy and draw it.
7. Paint a picture of a summer storm.
8.  Create a treasure map on a piece of paper.  Glue it into your sketchbook.
9.  Draw yourself as a robot.
10.  Draw the ocean and the animals that live in it.

11.  Draw something that you love.
12.  Use only 2 colors and draw one of your dreams.
13.  Draw a flower or vegetable garden.  Label the types of flowers or vegetables you see.
14. Paint a picture of yourself with wings.
15.  Listen to the sounds around you.  Draw what you hear.

16.  Design a superhero.
17.  Write your name and design all the letters.
18.  OH NO!  Earth has been invaded.  Draw what the invaders look like.
19.  Create a maze.  Have someone solve it.
20.  Create a code.  Write a secret message in your journal.

21.  Cut out a picture from a magazine.  Glue it into your book and draw more around it.
22.  Invent a machine to do something that you do not want to do.
23.  Paint your happiest memory.
24.  Draw your favorite animal.
25.  Draw your view from an airplane window.

26.  Draw your bedroom.
27.  Draw something using only your favorite color.
28.  Draw a forest and the wild animals that live in it.
29.  Draw a picture of the inside of your stomach and all the food in it after a big meal.
30.  Write a poem about summer.

31.  Draw a boat that you would like to travel around the world in .
32.  Draw a picture of you camping.
33.  Paint a sunrise or sunset.
34.  Become a fashion designer.  Draw a picture of your clothing designs.
35.  Write down a list of all the things you want to do this summer.

36.  Draw a picture of yourself if you grew flowers instead of hair.
37.  Check out a book form the library.  Write about your favorite part.  Draw a picture to go with it.
38.  Draw person with an animal face.
39.  Draw a picture of your favorite thing to do or watch at the fair.
40.  Draw or write about anything your heart desires!

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