Friday, June 20, 2014

Binding a Cereal Box Art Journal

How to Bind a Cereal Box Art Journal Using a Japanese Binding Stitch

Ruler and Pencil
Clothes pins
Embroidery thread
Darning needle

1.  Using a ruler mark every two inches on the side seam of the sketchbook.  (For older students you can increase the holes by marking every inch vs. every two inches).

2.   Place two clothes pins on the sketchbook to hold all the pages secure.

3.  Taking a hammer and nail, create a hole in each marked area on the side seam.  Remember, you only need to hammer hard enough to go through the paper.  Wiggle the nail a tiny bit to make the hole a little larger before pulling it out.

4.  Cut a yard of embroidery thread in your favorite color.  Thread it on the darning needle.  No knots are necessary, but can be created to make it easier for younger students to keep the thread on the needle.

5.  This step is optional, but holes can be numbered to help students understand the directions for the stitching.

6.  Place tail of the thread under the top clothes pin.  This acts like an extra hand to keep the tail of the thread from slipping through the hole.

7.  Dive down hole number 1.  Remind students to pull slowly to avoid knots forming in the thread.

8.  The next step is a basic sewing stitch.  Have the students take the needle and go up hole 2, dive down hole 3 and go back up hole 4.

9.  Take the thread and wrap it around the bottom edge of the sketchbook.  Bring the needle back up through hole 4.

10.  Once again, wrap the thread around the spine of the sketchbook.  Bring the needle back up through hole 4.  It will form what looks like a letter "L" in the corner of the book.

11.  Take the needle and dive down hole 3.

12.  Wrap the needle around the spine and dive back down into hole 3.

13.  Repeat this step for hole 2 and hole 1.

14. Wrap around the top of the book, place needle under the stitch that wraps around the spine.
15.  Remove the needle and tie the two ends together in a knot.  Remove clothes pins.
16.  Beads can be added as decoration. (Erase guide numbers if used).

17.  Open book to crease pages.  Being to draw!

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