Monday, May 5, 2014

How To Draw A Zippo

* I cannot remember where I came across this lesson. 
 All I know is that it is a great mini lesson to show creativity and demonstrate art critique and discussion.

Zippos drawings ready for art critique and discussion.

Read the following to the students.  Try to encourage them to keep their eyes on their own work.    There are many ways to draw a Zippo. The best part of this lesson is seeing how everyone interprets the directions.


Zippos live in caves and never come into the light.  Nobody has ever seen a Zippo so we don't know exactly what they look like.  Listen to the information below to help you draw a picture of a Zippo.

Facts about Zippos:

1.   Zippos are round in shape.  This helps them roll from place to place.

2.  They have 2 large round eyes that help them see in the dark caves.  Each eye is made up of 4 circles.

3.  Zippos use their large wings to fly about in the cave, where they feed on spiders and insects.

4.  Zippos are friendly.  They have big, happy smiles.

5.  Zippos have 3 short hairy legs and claws on their feet.

6.  Once you have your Zippo drawn, you may color it with crayons and markers.

I usually allow 10 to 15 minutes to hang up all the Zippos and we do a mini art critique on how some of the drawings are similar and what are some the neatest differences we can spot out.  Students love to see how different all the Zippos look within their class.

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