Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Texture Burgers

Third Grade Art Lesson
2 Class Periods

Texture Burgers, Third Grade Art Lesson
*  I stumbled across this idea from a student art exhibit. The art teacher explained to me the things she taught and I knew right away that I, too wanted to do this with my students.  I later found this project posted on Pintrest.

Day 1:
As a class we discussed the idea of food as artwork.  Students discovered that there were lots of ways that food could be used in artwork.  Most of course, thought of food in drawings, paintings and sculptures.  Some students were surprised that there was such a job as a food makeup artist.  Students viewed the video clip below.  Many were in awe of the tricks of advertising and some thought a food makeup artist seemed like the coolest job ever.

After viewing the video clip, together as a class I intstructed students how to create the table, plate and bun out of construction paper.

We then had a conversation about textures and how to create different textures.

Students were shown different ways to manipulate the paper to create different food items for their burger.  Various materials (yarn, buttons, cardboard, felt, foam, ribbon, etc). were set out for students to use (a great way to get rid of tiny scraps of materials that you just can't part with because they are too good to throw away).  Creativity was highly encouraged!

Day 2:
The second day of class was used for finishing up the burger.  I once again stressed to students that anything placed on their compositions had to have purpose. They could not just place yarn on their paper, it had to mean something to the composition.  Example:  If a student glued white yarn to their paper they had to be able to explain what it represented in the burger (onion slices, noodles, mayonaise, etc.)

Student Examples:

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