Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Art in the Dark

Power outage at our school proved for an interesting afternoon.

Yesterday marked a first for me in my nearly 11 years of teaching.  A two hour power outage for our entire district.  A power outage might not seem like a huge deal, but imagine teaching art in a classroom without windows. PITCH BLACK DARKNESS right in the middle of painting with my third graders.

With only 20 minutes left of class I managed to gather all the children to the carpet area and come up with a few time fillers (I read a couple poems by flashlight and then we played a counting game called 10).

After the class left I struggled to pick up the paints, water buckets and paintings with one hand while my other hand held my only light source (a tiny double A battery flashlight).

In the middle of cleaning up I  was surprised to discover that even though my room was darker than India Ink, I was still going to have to teach my last class for the day.
                  (I guess the show must go on, no matter the circumstances).

I knew that my original plan of painting our masks was not going to be a possibility, so I quickly fell back on a lesson that I save for the end of the year: How To Draw A Zippo.  It is basically a listen and draw exercise.

Since there was more light in the hallway then in my room, I set up my temporary room in the hall. This set up proved to be very interesting and challenging on many levels, but we made it through the adventure.  I am sure the children will never forget the day they had art class in the dark.  For me? It will be a teaching day that I will remember always, but I also, feel tremendously relieved and excited that when our new school is built I will have WINDOWS in my new classroom!
Creations from my students.  Not too bad for drawing in the dark!


  1. This happened to me last week, but with 40 1st graders using scissors! Luckily, our power came back on before my next class. Nice adaption!

  2. 40 FIRST graders!? Kudos to you. You must be an art teacher with super powers! :)