Friday, December 13, 2013

Owl Collage

Kindergarten Art Lesson
2 Class Periods

Owl Collage, Kindergarten Art Lesson
Day 1: 

We began this lesson by reading The Barn Owls by Tony Johnston.  As a class we discussed what we knew about owls and identified the parts of the owl (wings, beak, eyes, feet, claws, feathers, etc.)

Together as a class, we created an owl out of very thin wood laminate.  Students used sharpie markers, crayons to decorate the owl's body.  We used construction paper to create the eyes and beak.

The owls were collected and stored for the next class period.

Day 2:

During the second class period we discussed the word collage.  Students were told that a collage was a picture created using many different types of materials.  We discussed the materials that we would be using for the day (construction paper, newspaper, wood laminate, felt, and burlap). 

Students created a birch tree from newpaper.  Owls were passed back and glued onto the branch.  A felt moon was created for the sky and burlap wings were made for the owl.

Students added stars and feet to their owls using oil pastels and markers.

Student Examples:

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