Saturday, November 9, 2013

Shapes in Space

Kindergarten Art Lesson
3 Class Periods
Shapes in Space, Kindergarten Art Lesson

Day 1: 
We began this lesson by having students listen to the story What is Round? by Rebecca Kai Dotlich.  We discussed how a circle is a round shape.  Using various size circle templates, students traced 3 to 5 circle shapes on their paper.  Each circle was outline with a crayon color of their choice.  Students were instructed to press hard as they outlined each circle.

Next, students were shown photographs of the planets in our solar system.  We named the planets and looked at the colors and textures of the planet within each photograph.  Students were informed that the circles they created on their paper would be planets.  They could make their circles look like the planets we discussed or they could create their very own planet.  A demonstration was given on how to create textures within each circle by using a rubbing plate.

Students spent the remainder of the hour creating planets.

Student using a rubbing plate to create a texture in their planet.
Day 2:
Students reviewed what they did the class before.  Me and My Place in Space by Joan Sweeney was read to the class.  Students were introduced to oil pastels. 

Many of my students refer to oil pastels as "butter crayons" due to the fact when I describe them to the students, I tell them it feels like you are drawing with a stick of butter.

Using a white oil pastel, students placed white stars in the negative space around the planets.

Once complete, students used black tempera to paint outer space.  Many students were impressed with the "magic" of a resist.

Students are informed at the end of class that next week they will be creating a rocket for their composition. 

Creating a resist.
Day 3:
Students are super excited on this day to create a rocket for their planet composition.   The book Roaring Rockets by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker is read to the students.

Using follow along demonstration students are shown how to create a rocket from construction paper.  Numerous shapes are discussed: circle, triangle, square and rectangle.  Students cutting skills are assessed as they are isntructed on how to create each shape from paper. 

Students were shown how to glue the various pieces to create a rocket form.  Tips on how to use a glue stick and how to correctly place glue on paper were given.

For the final step, students used markers to add details to their rockets.

Students Examples:

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