Friday, November 1, 2013

Cave Art Drawings

First Grade
2 Class Periods

Cave Art Drawings, First Grade Art Lesson

The Lascaux Caves
The Lascaux Caves are located in France.  In 1940, 4 young boys discovered a cave in a hillside. When they ventured inside they discovered some of the first paintings ever created by man.

Inside the Lascaux Caves
About the Caves
The caves are filled with drawings and paintings of animals.  The following animals have been identified on the cave walls: horses, cows, bulls, stags, birds, rhinos, unicorns and images of man.  The caves are no longer open to the public to tour through, however, you can view replicas of the paintings in a nearby museum.

Paleolithic People
The artist that created these beautiful images are known as cave men or Paleolithic people.  These people lived in large family tribes.  They were experts at hunting, fishing and creating weapons.

Close up of a cow painting inside the caves.

Close up of a deer painting inside the caves.
Day 1:
Students viewed a power point presentation on the Lascaux Caves.  We examined several photographs of close up drawings of the cave walls.  As a class we discussed the following questions:  How do you think the drawings were created?  What colors do you see in the paintings?  How were these colors created?  What do you think the hardest part would be while trying to create art on a cave wall?

After discussion, students practiced drawing in their journals cave art drawings.  Students used photographs from the Lascaux caves for inspiration and reference.

Student doing practice drawings in their art journal.

For the last ten minutes of class students prepped watercolor paper in various sizes by painting it with oranges, yellows and browns to reference the cave wall colors.  A black oil pastel was rubbed on the surface to add depth to the composition and to enhance the appearance of rock before painting.

Day 2:
We began the second day of the lesson by reading the story A Journey Through Time  The Cave Painter of Lascaux by Roberta Angeletti.

Students were given the paper they created the class period before and art journals were passed back for reference.  Students picked out their best two drawings to draw on their paper with a pencil.  Students were encouraged to draw large and use the space on their paper wisely.

A demonstration was given on how to use chalk pastels to smudge in color details within the drawings.  A piece of black chalk was used as a finishing step to outline the details within the drawings.
Student adding chalk details to drawing.
Student Examples:

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