Friday, November 15, 2013

Autum Trees in Worm's Eye View Perspective

Third Grade Art Lesson
3 Class Periods
Autumn Trees in Worm's Eye View Perspective, Third Grade Art Lesson

Day 1:
Students began this lesson by imagining what the world may look like if they were a worm.  Students were asked to lie on their bellies on the floor of the classroom.  Students were allowed to raise their heads but not their shoulders off the floor.  Students were instructed to use their eyes and think about the following questions. What did they see?  What details could they see now, that they never knew existed before (objects on floor)?  How far up can you see?  What does the ceiling look like?  Is it hard to focus on?  What do you notice about the tables and chairs in the classroom?  Can you see on top of the table?

After our "worm" exercise, students completed a follow along drawing of a tree in a worm's eye view perspective.  Students were reminded that the lower part of the tree trunk should be larger than the top part of the tree.  Objects closer to the viewer "worm" should appear larger, objects further away should be smaller.

The compositions were outlined with a black sharpie marker.  Wind swirls were added and drawn thicker to show emphasis in the drawing.
Student working on outlining composition.

Day 2:
On the second day of class, students reviewed their discoveries from the "worm" exercise from the class period before. 

Students used texture plates to color in the tree trunks with a brown crayon. 

Oil pastels were used to color in the leaves.  Blending of colors were discussed.  Students were allowed to add leaves falling if they wished.  Students were reminded that the closer the leaf fell to the worm the larger it would be.
Coloring tree trunk.
Day 3:
Students finished up any tasks from the class period before that they did not have time to complete.  Tempera paint was used to paint the sky and go over the trunk.

Examples of Student Work:

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