Friday, April 12, 2013

Abstract Bowls

Sixth Grade Art Lesson
4 Class Periods
Abstract Bowls, Sixth Grade Art Lesson
Day 1:
  • Students identified Abstract Design.
  • Color, line, shape and technique were discussed in various abstract painting examples.  Here are a few of the pieces we examined in class:
    Artist Bruce Gray.
Artist Piet Mondrian.

Artist Jackson  Pollock.
  • Students used the rest of the class period brainstorming ideas and planning color schemes. 
Day 2:
  • A small demonstration was given on how to roll a slab and how to use the slump/drape method to create the bowl.  Craftsmanship and proper clay techniques were stressed.
  • Bowls were set out to dry.
Day 3:
  • Students were given back their bisque fired bowls.
  • Glaze techniques were discussed and demonstrated.
  • Students used the rest of the class period to glaze their bowls.
Day 4:
  • Students continue to finish glazing bowls.
  • Projects were then fired a second time.

Student Examples:

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