Friday, March 8, 2013

Weaving Buddies

Second Grade Art Lesson
7 Class Periods

Weaving Buddies, Second Grade Art Lesson

Day 1:
  • Students began this lesson by going over weaving vocabulary.  Terms discussed:  loom, warp, warp threads, weft.
  • We discussed the many types of looms there are for weaving.  We also discussed what materials they could use to create a simple loom for themselves at home.
  • Students used crotchet thread to warp their loom.  Students were asked to have 6 warp threads in place and in the correct tension.
  • Next students selected a color to represent the hair on their weaving buddy.  The yarn was cut into 2 inch pieces and hooked under each warp thread.
Student adding hair to warp threads.

  • Skin color was selected next.  Students were demonstrated on how to thread their weaving needle and begin the weaving process of "over and under" of the warp threads.
Day 2:
  • Student continued to weave the face on their weaving buddy.
  • Once complete, a nose, mouth and eyes were glued on using a hot glue gun.
Day 3:
  • Students that needed to complete face continued to do so.
  • Students were taught how to braid knot four pieces of strings together to create the arms for the weaving buddy.  The arms were then woven through the warp threads.
Day 4:
  • Students began weaving the shirt for their weaving buddy.  Students were given a wide range of colors to select from and also the choice of doing solids or stripe patterns.
Day 5:
  • Students that needed to complete the shirt continued to do so.
  • Students that were ready moved on to the pants/shorts/skirt/dress option for their weaving buddy.
Day 6:
  • Students continued to weave legs.
Student weaving leg.
Day 7:
  • The weaving buddies were removed from loom.  Students were shown how to tie warp threads in place to keep the weaving from unraveling.
  • A piece of tagboard 6 x 12 inches was used to create a background for the weaving buddy. 
  • Weaving buddy was glued in place and students were allowed to cut or style hair as they saw fit for their buddy.
Student Examples:



  1. These are so adorable, thank you for posting and shareing

  2. These are beatiful. Thank you for shareing.!

  3. I need help, have some questions about how to do this project. This is the first time I am teaching elementary school and the first weaving. Please contact me at Thank you! I love this project!!!