Friday, March 29, 2013

5 Types of Line in Warm and Cool Hues

Kindergarten Lesson
2 days
5 Types of Line in Warm and Cool Hues, Kindergarten Lesson
Day 1:
  • As a class we examined the 5 types of lines: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curvy and zig-zag.  Students were shown how to create these lines using their body as a form of expression. Examples:  vertical lines stand straight and tall, diagonal lines lean to the side (students would reach with their body in a diagonal direction)
  • On watercolor paper students created each type of line.
  • Students were shown how the 5 types of line could be varied by creating dotted or dashed marks.  Students were instructed to add a dotted or dashed line to their compositions.  Students had to be able to identify the varied line as vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curvy or zig-zag.
  • The compositions were outline with a black crayon.
Drawing lines.
Day 2:
  • On the second day of class the types of line were reviewed.
  • Next, we examined the color wheel and discussed cool and warm hues.
  • Students were instructed that they were to choose either a cool or warm color scheme for their composition.  Neutral colors were also allowed.
  • A demonstration was given on how to create opaque and transparent colors with the watercolor paint as well as how to use watercolor crayons.
  • Students used the rest of the class period to paint their compositions.
Painting compositions.
Student Examples:

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