Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Cardinal

2 Class Periods
Snow Cardinals, Kindergarten Art Lesson
Day 1: 
  • Students listened to the story Albert by Donna Jo Napoli.  As the story was read, students were asked to pay extra attention to the cardinal within the story.
  1. Students were asked to take a purple or blue crayon and color the background in on their 9 x 12 inch piece of light blue paper.
  2. All students were then given a brown oil pastel.  Together as a class, students were given directions on how to create a tree branch for their cardinal to sit on.
  3. Using red tempera paint and a small brush, students were taught how to paint a cardinal step by step.  Many students recognized that the body of the bird had to be a circle and the head shape a triangle.
Day 2:
  1. Students used black and orange triangles to create the face for each bird.
  2. Eyes were added with a white color pencil.
  3. Last, but not least, snowflakes were added with a Q-tip using white liquid tempera paint.
Student Examples:

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