Friday, January 25, 2013

Wayne Thiebaud Cupcakes

Sixth Grade Art Lesson
5 Class Periods

Wayne Thiebaud Cupcakes, Sixth Grade Art Lesson
About the Artist

Wayne Thiebaud was born in 1920, in Mesa Arizona.  He began his art career as a cartoonist.  He later, became an art teacher and taught students for nearly 20 years.

Artist Wayne Thiebaud

Thiebaud is a POP ARTIST.  He is best known for his delicious pastry paintings of cakes and pies. 

Cupcakes by Wayne Thiebaud

His paintings are often described as being "frosted" due to his use of thick paint.  His paintings also tend to use exaggerated colors and well defined shadows that use complementary color schemes to make them vibrate within the composition.

Thiebaud is still alive today and is lives in Sacramento, CA.

YouTube video shared in class on Wayne Thiebaud.

Day 1
  • Students watched YouTube video clip on the life and artwork of Wayne Thiebaud. 
  • Using a real cupcake, students created a drawing from observation on a small piece of paper.
Student drawing cupcake from observation.
Day 2
  • Using carbon paper, students traced their cupcake drawing from the class before on 12 x 18 inch paper. 
  • Students were asked to think about the use of space within their composition.
  • Cupcakes were outlined with sharpie marker.
Day 3 
  • A horizon line was incorporated into the composition to represent the table for the cupcakes to rest on.  Students were asked to watch for "floating" cupcakes.
  • A shadow was added to each cupcake.
  • Students were reminding of painting tips and strategies.  Students were allowed to paint compositions in any color of their choice. 
Let the painting process begin!
Day 4 
  • A discussion took place on how Wayne Thiebaud used complementary color schemes in his artwork to provide more dimension.  Students were asked to incorporate a complementary scheme within the shadows of each cupcake.
  • Students continued to work on painting.
Student working on complementary shadows.

Day 5
  • Last day to complete paintings.
  • Compositions were re-outlined if needed.

Student Examples



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