Friday, January 25, 2013

Fat Cat on a Mat

Kindergarten Art Lesson
2 Class Periods
Fat Cat on a Mat, Kindergarten Art Lesson
Day 1
  • Students listened to the story Fat Cat On a Mat by Nurit Karlin.  Students were asked to listen for the rhyming words within the story.
  • Using follow along demonstration, students create their own fat cat.  Shapes were reviewed as we drew the parts of the cat.
  • Once cats were drawn, students sponge painted the cats using liquid tempera paint.
Day 2
  • Together as a class we discussed the term pattern (a repeating design).  Several examples were given in class.
  • Students were then instructed to cut an oval out of a 12 x 18 inch piece of construction paper and were asked to place their own pattern around the border.
  • Finally, students cut out their fat cat from the day before and glued it to their completed mat.
Student Examples:

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