Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Little Clay Owl

Kindergarten Art Lesson
2 Class Periods
Little Clay Owl, Kindergarten Art Lesson
Day 1
  • Students are introduced to terra cotta (Earth clay).  We discuss the colors it can come in and how it smells. We compare and contrast how it is different from playdoh.
  • Through follow along demonstration students are instructed on how to create the clay owl.
  1. Students start by pushing clay flat so it is "pancake" thick.
  2. Students are then instructed to roll up the sides of the "pancake" to look like a taco shell.  Once the shell is created students gently push this flat.  This step creates the wings on the owl.
  3. Students then fold the top part of the clay down to create the head of the owl.  Ears are pinched out.
  4. Last, but not least students add details to the owl using various clay tools. 
  • The final step is placing a small hole in the back of the piece so it can be hung on the wall at home for display.

Student adding details to clay owl with drawing tool.
Day 2
  • When students return to class the owls have been bisque fired.
  • We discuss how the clay is different from the first class period.
  • Students are given a tour of the kiln.  The parts of the kiln and firing process are discussed.
  • Students are allowed to paint owl any color they wish using tempera paint.
  • An acrylic sealer is sprayed over the owl to prevent the paint from rubbing off.

Student Examples:



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