Friday, December 7, 2012

Blue Dog

Second Grade Art Lesson
3 Class Periods

Blue Dog, Second Grade Art Lesson

About the Artist Studied:

George Rodrigue is a Cajun artist who was born March 13, 1944 in New Iberia, Louisiana.  He went to art school in Louisiana, Los Angeles and New York.  He first began his painting career by painting people and landscapes inspired by Louisiana Cajun living. 

His fame and fortune began when he invented Blue DogBlue Dog is based off of his own dog Tiffany and the stories his mother told him of a werewolf dog called Loup Garou.  Blue Dog became so famous that George started painting more pictures of this famous dog.

George wanted everyone to know that Blue Dog could be anywhere, be any color and wear anything.  Blue Dog is all around us!  George Rodrigue lost his fight with cancer on December 14th, 2013.  He was 69 years old.

George Rodrigue with a Blue Dog painting in progress.

The first Blue Dog painting.

Short video clip students watched on George Rodrigue.
Day 1
  1. Students will learn about the life and artwork of George Rodrigue.  Students should understand that Blue Dog can be any color, be in any environment and wear any outfit.  Share examples from book Blue Dog Speaks by George Rodrigue.
  2. Through follow along demonstration have students draw the body of Blue Dog.
  3. After the body is drawn, student may incorporate thier own background and clothing for their Blue Dog.
  4. Students should outline final drawing with a sharpie marker.
Day 2
  1. Read to students Why is Blue Dog Blue? by George Rodrigue.  Have students use oil pastels to color in Blue Dog's eyes and muzzle.
  2. Allow students to paint Blue Dog using tempera paint.  Students may paint Blue Dog any color they may like.
Day 3
  1. Share youtube video clip with student about the history behind Blue Dog.
  2. Allow students to finishing painting
  3. Outline projects carefully with black oil pastel.

Student Examples:


  1. Your lesson are wonderful and so thought out.

  2. i will try it out, thanks great idea!!