Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ceramic Leaf Dish

Fourth Grade Art Lesson
2 Class Periods

Ceramic Leaf Dish, Fourth Grade Art Project
Day 1

  1. Review with students what they remember about terra cotta clay from past art classes. 
  2. Demonstrate to students how to create the leaf by pressing the clay into a flat surface that is "pancake" thick.
  3. Have students trace leaf pattern.
  4. Demonstrate to students how to create a clay coil.
  5. Have students review steps of slip and score technique for attaching clay. 
  6. Demonstrate how to create a ring with the coil.  Using slip and score technique attach the ring to the leaf creating the base for the dish.
Student using slip and score technique to attach clay coil.
     7.  Students should label the ring with their name and class code.
     8.  Have students flip over leaf so coil is now on bottom. 
     9.  Have students curl up the edges of  the leaf.
   10.  Last, but not least have them draw the veins of the leaf in clay.
   11. Allow leaf to air dry, then bisque fire.

Student projects after bisque fire.
Day 2

  1. Discuss the firing process with students.  Have students make statements about how the clay changed from last class period.
  2. Demonstrate to students correct glazing techniques.
Student glazing ceramic leaf dish.

     3.  Have students help load kiln for glaze firing
         At that time have students examine the kiln.
         Discuss the parts and how it works.
     4.  Fire kiln.
Student projects after glaze firing.
Examples of Student Work


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