Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Burlap Shell Painting

Fifth Grade Art Lesson
5 Class Periods
Burlap Shell Painting, Fifth Grade Art Lesson

Ocean Shell

I found a great big shell one day.
Upon the ocean floor.
I held it close up to my ear.
I heard the ocean roar!
I found a tiny shell one day.
Upon on the ocean sand.
The waves had worn it nice and smooth.
It felt nice in my hand.

Day 1
  • Students completed an observational drawing of a shell. 
Day 2
  • Students taped a piece of burlap to a drawing board.
  • The observational drawing of the shell from the class before was transfered to the piece of burlap.
Day 3
  • Color theory was reviewed with students.  Proper mixing of tints and shades was reviewed and practiced.
  • Students painted their shell using a monochromatic color scheme.  Students were asked to think about tints and shades as they painted.
Day 4
  • Burlap paintings were taken off drawing board and mounted to a piece of black tagboard. 
  • Students used paint chips in a complementary color scheme to create the background for the composition.
Day 5
  • Students used the final class period to put finishing touches on the shell.   Students were asked to outline the shell carefully with black paint.
  • Students filled out a self-evaluation on their project.  Students were asked to reflect on use of composition, craftsmanship, effort, use of class time, and overall final appearance of project.
Student Examples:



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