Friday, October 12, 2012

Oldenburg Food Sculptures

Second Grade Art Lesson
Four Class Periods
Oldenburg Food Sculptures, Second Grade Art Lesson

About the Artist Studied

Claes Oldenburg was born January 28, 1929 in Stockholm, Sweden, but spent most of his life in New York.  He studied at The School of Art Institute in Chicago.  Oldenburg is most famous for his larger than life sculptures of every day objects. As a class we discussed  multiple examples of his artwork ranging from his first large-scale sculpture (a 45 foot clothespin created in 1976) to Spoonbridge and Cherry (1988) located at the Walker Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis, MN. The artist's most recent piece was a 51 foot high paintbrush that was installed in Philadelphia, PA last year (2011).  YES!  He is a still alive and living in New York. (Students were very excited to learn this information).
Photograph of Claes Oldenburg.

Spoonbridge and Cherry by Oldenburg.  Located in Minneapolis, MN.

Floor Cake by Claes Oldenburg.

Claes Oldenburg putting finishing touches on his work for an art exhibit. 

Day 1:

  •  Students learned about the life and artwork of Claes Oldenburg.
  •  Students spent the rest of class brainstorming an idea for a food sculpture.  A plan was drawn in their art journal.

Day 2:

  • Once having their idea approved, students practiced creating their design out of modeling clay.

Day 3:

  • Using follow along demonstration student created their food sculpture.  Clay slip and score technique was discussed.

Student creating sculpture out of clay.

Day 4: 

  • Students viewed a short video clip on a museum setting up one of Oldenburg's sculptures (Giant BLT) for display.
  • Students painted thier food sculptures.  Craftsmanship was discussed.
  • A clear coat acrylic sealer was sprayed over piece as finishing touch.

Video Clip Viewed in Class:

Examples of Student Work:

Bacon and pancake.


Chicken nuggets, french fries and ketchup.

Ice cream bar.

Speghetti and meatballs.


Drumstick and peas.

Bacon and egg.

Bowl of ice cream.

Chocolate chip cookies.


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