Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rousseau Jungle Prints

First Grade Art Lesson
3 day lesson
Rousseau Jungle Prints, First Grade Example (Lion)

Artist Studied:  Henri Rousseau (1844-1910).  Rousseau  is a French artist who painted many jungle themed pieces.  He is considered a self-taught artist. As a class we discussed how hard it was for Henri to be accepted in the painting world due to the fact he painted so differently from the other artists at that time who had formal instruction.  We talked in depth about two of Rousseau's more famous pieces The Sleeping Gypsy and Tiger in a Tropical Storm.

Self-Portrait by Henri Rousseau.  1890.

The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau.  1897.

Tiger in a Tropical Storm by Henri Rousseau.  1891.

Day 1:

  • Share with students a brief biography of Henri Rousseau.
  • Have students draw a jungle animal on paper.
  • After idea is approved, students should transfer idea to a printing plate (in this case a piece of Styrofoam).
Student drawing a jungle animal on printing plate.
Day 2:

  • Demonstrate to students the proper printmaking techniques.  Printmaking vocabulary was discussed through demonstration (brayer, baren, printing plate, burnish).
  • Have students create three prints.  Make sure students label the back of each print with their name and order of print (first, second, third).
Student inking a printing plate.

Day 3:

  • Pass back all the prints from the class before.  Show students how to label each print.
  • Have a mini art critique.  Students should examine their artwork.  Which print turned out best?  What makes it better than the rest?  What could they do to improve thier print?  How does the print differ from their very first animal drawing on day 1 of this lesson?
  • Have students mount their best art piece on black construction paper.

More Examples of Students Work:

Rousseau Jungle Print, Elephant
Rousseau Jungle Print, Giraffe
Rousseau Jungle Print, Mosquito
Rousseau Jungle Print, Lion
Rousseau Jungle Print, Cheetah
Rousseau Jungle Print, Toucan
Rousseau Jungle Print, Snake
Rousseau Jungle Print, Cheetah
Rousseau Jungle Print, Toucan
Rousseau Jungle Print, Elephant
Rousseau Jungle Print, Gator

Rousseau Jungle Print,  Cheetah


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