Friday, September 14, 2012

Pieces of the Puzzle

Pieces of the Puzzle, Fifth Grade Art Lesson
 "A line is a dot that decided to go for a walk." - Paul Klee.
For this lesson, student examined the Element of Line.  Students learned that there are five different types of line: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved and zigzag.  As a class we discussed how to vary line (thick, thin, dashed, dotted, etc.)  We finally discussed how lines can convey an emotion (angry, sad, happy).
Pieces of the Puzzle
2 to 3 class periods
Day 1
1.  Have students tape random puzzle pieces to a piece of paper.
2.  Have students outline each puzzle piece with a pencil.
3.  After pieces are outline with a pencil have students splatter red paint over the composition.  The puzzle pieces will create a resist.
4.  Allow to dry.
Day 2
1.  Have students carefully remove puzzle pieces from paper.
2.  Discuss the element of line.  Students should know the five types of line, how to vary a line and that a line can create an emotion.
3.  Have students use a black sharpie marker to draw different types of lines within each puzzle piece.  This step may take an additional day depending on the length of your class period.

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